Cost Comparison

Costs and savings are those incurred using a 100mm, 7N dense concrete backing block, which is not required when SureCav is used.

The Costs are based on a 200 square metre wall dwelling which is the estimated square meterage of a four bedroom house.

The cost of SureCav for this area (200m2) is priced at £11.30 per sheet  (371 sheets SureCav), giving a total of £4,192.30 

Description Rate Per Cost
Material Cost      
Concrete Block £10.00 psm* £2,000.00
DPC Linear Metres £1.50 plm* £60.00
Mortar £5.00 psm* £1000.00
Spoil Excavation and Haulage £30.00 cm* £120.00
Additional Concrete in Foundations £100.00 cm* £400.00
Lintels over doors and windows in backing block skin along with additional wall ties At least   £600.00
Labour Cost      
Bricklayers and Labourer (estimated) £18.00 psm* £3,600.00
Additional Costs      
2 weeks extra financing on contract Estimated   £350.00
2 weeks additional scaffold hire £100.00 pw* £200.00

Total Estimated Cost of Using Concrete Backing Blocks

Comparison Results of SureCav v 100mm Concrete Blocks (per square metre)      
Estimated Cost of Using Backing Blocks  (£8,330.00/200)   £41.65
SureCav Cavity Spacer System (£4,192.30/200)   £20.96

SureCav savings (per m2)

By choosing SureCav you could be saving up to half the cost of building with a block support wall. That's a difference of £20.69 per square metre which, for 200m2 wall area would be £4,138.00
Also, don't forget that the time saved using SureCav results in a faster build, estimated to be 10 working days on an average four bedroom house.

Costs quoted exclusive of VAT

*psm - per square metre

*plm - per linear metre

*pw - per week

*cm - per cubic metre - 100mm x 40 m i.e. 4 cubic metre