Here are some testimonials from our customers...

increasing internal room sizes

We have just built a new build using SureCav25 and found it superb to use, allowing us to increase insulation thicknesses within the build, enabling us to achieved a great EPC (energy performance) result. We also found it very easy to use as it guaranteed a clear cavity throughout the build and it also saved us using a backing block for the stone façade, actually increasing the internal rooms sizes by at least 200mm. Overall, we found the SureCav a fantastic system - thanks SureCav!

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Photo new build with SurCav25, Tonic Construction Ltd.

Tony Iles, Director, Tonic Construction Limited
Saves time, space and money

We have used SureCav on a new house in Branksome Park in Poole. This house was shortlisted for an RIBA Award. We were able to produce very high quality dry stone effect random walling in Purbeck Stone using Matrod Frampton’s stonemasons.

SureCav is a very good way of achieving this effect without the need for all of the additional foundations, and loss of floor space in the building associated with a blockwork backing to the external masonry. This saves time, space and money plus it gives the additional layer of weather protection provided by the SureCav sheets.

We are currently using SureCav on a project in the Purbecks again with Matrod Frampton as the main contractor and stone mason. We are very pleased with the high quality stonework. SureCav makes it easier to achieve the effect we want.


Phil Easton, Founding Director at Western Design Architects
a great product and great solution

I have been personally really impressed with the overall SureCav system and have happily shown some of your prospective customers around my site at Langton Matravers, Dorset, where we are using it on a house with semi-dry stone walling designed by Western Design Architects. I talked to your prospective customers about the many benefits of SureCav, including it being simple and easy to erect and also, with the advantage on a tight site it taking up less valuable storage space and can be moved and handled with ease. The biggest advantage, of course, is that you can increase the overall floor area by using SureCav. I can see this completely doing away with outdated backing block design. My opinion is that SureCav is the way forward and is a great product and great solution.


Daniel Cox, Matrod Frampton Site Agent

We are a small design and build company living and working in the Yorkshire Dales National Park where the use of random limestone is obligatory and planning consent for extensions etc. is difficult to obtain and usually granted only for very small projects. I had already specified Surecav on building regulations applications after the product had been recommended to me by the Local Authority Building Inspector and was interested to try it on my own extension.

I found the product to be perfect for creating a random limestone facade which abuts the traditional rubble filled construction seamlessly yet overcomes the inherent problems of water ingress through the limestone fissures. Additionally the reduction in depth of wall gives space for appropriate levels of insulation whilst achieving maximum internal space.

I will continue to specify the product as the benefits far outweigh the costs and it is a breeze to install.


Jonathan Athay, JMA Design, North Yorkshire
A recognised standard

SureCav is a fantastic product and as we said in the CPD it has very much become a standard detail for stonework within the office. Perhaps now with knowledge of the further advantages of waterproofing and stability it may become more widely specified for other cavity wall types also. Many thanks for all your help and we hope that our support of your product will continue to push SureCav as a recognised standard for cavity wall construction within the industry.


Louisa Meek, CSA architects
So impressed

I am so impressed with this product I would be happy for you to bring any of your prospective customers to my site at Wool, Dorset, and I will be pleased to show them your system.

Chris Allworthy, Barratt Homes Site Agent
Never use backing blocks

Having used SureCav on at least 6 contracts we will never use backing blocks or shutter boards again.


Richard, EMM-LEC Ltd
An ideal system

The speed of build, easy storage and handling make SureCav an ideal system. We have found this especially to be the case where storage and working space on site is at a premium.

Ray Holmes, Hopkins Developments

Charlie, all the semi-dry stone walling is on SureCav. Brilliant idea you had! The stone is Cotswold Stone, 150mm on bed, laid semi dry to conceal the mortar. We wanted it to look like random walling without regular, level, coursing. The walling craftsmen were able to achieve this random effect with SureCav.

David Lees, Lees Munday Architects
I was so impressed

I was so impressed with the system I have been to my local builders merchants to give them information on the product and have asked them if they would stock it.

Richard Hammes