Mixer Drum Height Adjuster

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Mixer Drum Height Adjuster

SureCav 50

Sold in packs of 5 or 10 sheets (min. order 10 sheets)   ...

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SureCav 50

SureCav 25

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SureCav 25


SOLD IN BAGS OF 50. It is recommended to fix each panel with 5 washers....

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SureCav is an 100% recycled plastic cavity spacer system, replacing the need for concrete backing blocks and helps to construct more sustainable homes. SureCav allows you to achieve a higher quality build, whilst saving money, time and space, as well as lowering your carbon footprint by 6x!

SureCav25 is the only way, anywhere, to form an approved 25mm residual cavity, BBA Approved!

What is SureCav?  Include it in your designs!

  • Advantages of SureCav 25

    Below, we list the advantages of SureCav25. They are the same as for Surecav50 but with the added benefit of an extra 25mm of space!

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SureCav25 and SureCav50 - easy to source on NBS

SureCav is available on both NBS Source and NBS Chorus – the most popular and comprehensive products for specifiers in the construction industry. Go to NBS Source here
For architects, designers and builders, both SureCav50 and SureCav25 are as easy to source as they are to work with.

A certified choice

You can specify SureCav with confidence. Approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA certification No. 04/4154).
It’s the only BBA-certified alternative to concrete backing blocks or shuttering that guarantees a moisture and mortar free cavity and allows a minimum 25mm residual cavity.

SureCav is unique

A new and lightweight alternative to heavy and expensive concrete backing blocks. SureCav increases floor space and acts as a rainscreen to the harshest weather. BBA certified and readily available to specifiers, SureCav is the ultimate space and cost saving solution for cavity wall construction.



• Is BBA certified
• Lowers U-values by making more room for extra insulation
• Increases internal room space
• Maintains an essential air gap
• Offers a space-saving 25mm permitted residual cavity
• Protecs from wind-driven rain, which keeps moisture out of the cavity
• Available on NBS Source & NBS Chorus
• Suitable for use with brick, stone, flint or slate external finishes
SureCav25 with Ashler stone



Huge cost savings

Concrete is deceptively expensive. SureCav can significantly lower your building costs. It forms a 25mm or 50mm moisture-free clear cavity, providing a backing board for the stone, slate, brick and flint outer leaf.

This halves the cost of building with a backing block. It’s also environmentally sound, producing a sixth of the CO2 footprint compared to using a concrete block backing wall.

Gain even more space with SureCav25!

The gains in space are equally huge. A reduction in wall thickness of just 25mm will increase the internal dimensions of the property by 50mm in each direction and result in an average of 1.25% increased floor space over 2 floors.

Removing the 100mm backing block adds another 5% internal space. This can rise to over 7% additional floor space in very severe weather zones, where a 75mm clear cavity may be required.

This results in an overall gain of 7.5%. That's equivalent to the floor space of 3 extra houses on an 80 house site!

For brick builds, just a 1.25% saving means an extra house on a 70 house site.

Reduce the width of the wall with SureCav25

Reduce your carbon footprint!

SureCav ticks all the right environmental boxes. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic – a sixth of the carbon footprint of the equivalent in concrete blocks! All without any compromise on performance.
Read more about how eco-friendly SureCav helps the environment here.


40 tonnes of 100mm concrete blocks

Lighter than concrete – and easy to handle

As well as costs, SureCav saves you valuable site storage space and is easy to transport. The SureCav equivalent wall area of 40 tonnes of 100mm concrete blocks will easily fit into a single pick-up truck. That reduces the risks of injury and dramatically cuts fuel costs.

SureCav equivilent

The future of cavity-wall construction with SureCav25

Now drive down U-Values. SureCav25 allows for more room in the cavity for insulation, thus enhancing the thermal performance of the wall. Where heat conservation is the prime concern, SureCav25 frees up an additional 25mm in the cavity that can be used for extra insulation.

This example shows how a 100mm overall cavity width, comprising 75mm board insulation and a 25mm clear cavity using SureCav25, can achieve U-Values as low as 0.18 W/m²K. Alternatively, a 125mm overall cavity width, comprising 100mm board insulation and a 25mm clear cavity using SureCav25, can achieve U-Values as low as 0.15 W/m²K. (Figures calculated using Kingspan Kooltherm K108 Cavity Board insulation and the Kingspan U-Value calculator)


Say goodbye to moisture problems

SureCav prevents any water penetration through porous masonry. SureCav’s cavity backing system forms a consistent 25mm or 50mm clear cavity in new masonry or timber frame walls.

The air gap – coupled with the moisture-beating design of the SureCav panels – lets you guarantee clean and moisture-free cavities. The SureCav panels will also hold the insulation in place, adding to its effectiveness in preventing heat loss.

Protection from the harshest rain

In very severe exposure zones there is sometimes a requirement for a clear cavity up to 75mm, however, SureCav prevents moisture from bridging the cavity. Additionally, the unique shape of the SureCav pods direct any moisture to the outside leaf, protecting the fabric of the building.

Reasons to build with SureCav in all weather zones:

• Shields the cavity and inner leaf from water penetration
• Significant cost savings
• BBA certified
• Available on NBS Source and NBS Chorus
• Forms a barrier to protect from wind-driven rain
• Excellent surface for the construction of any external wall masonry
• Ideal for timber -frame and traditional block inner leaf construction
• Environmentally friendly
• Ideal for SIPs, SFS and ICF construction