Advantages of SureCav

SureCav has many advantages over traditional systems.

Now available in 25mm or 50mm deep panels!

  • It saves money: SureCav costs £20.96 per square metre vs. the cost of using a backing block of £41.65m2. Click here to see cost comparison.
  • It guarantees a completely clean cavity
  • Injection moulded from 100% recycled polypropylene
  • It results in an extra 5% internal floor area on a two storey house if the original external dimensions are used
  • SureCav is very light and takes up less than a quarter of the space of the concrete blocks it replaces
  • It is much more environmentally friendly, weight for weight, than concrete blocks that produce large amounts of CO2 in manufacture. See the Carbon Footprint Calculations.
  • SureCav is easy to transport saving fuel (see below) and to move around a building site compared with concrete blocks.
  • Footings are 100mm narrower meaning there is less excavated material to dispose of and less concrete in the foundations.
  • When fixed, SureCav holds the insulation against the wall, guaranteeing it works to its full efficiency.
  • Using SureCav ensures no water penetration from wind driven rain with a 25mm or 50mm cavity not the usual 75mm. Click here for more details. 

Surecav is lightweight and easy to move around the site!

The equivalent wall area of SureCav panels, that would
require 40 tonnes of 100mm concrete blocks, will easily fit
into a pick-up, as shown on the left.

free up valuable space on site!

Avoids building an additional block construction wall which could require up to 40 tonnes of blocks, as shown here.

SureCav is the perfect cavity protection system when working with stone, slate, brick and flint.

Natural stone is an outstanding building material.

It is both practical and durable, and can be cut to any shape or form. The great thing about natural stone is that the older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. Using natural stone shows that you take seriously your responsibility to care for your surroundings by actively striving to preserve, restore or improve the natural environment.

Appreciation of the importance of flint.

Flint and its effects can produce stunning results, especially when laid in alternate bands in stone or with brick quoins. 

The beauty of slate.

Slate has been used as a natural building material for centuries. It is easy to shape and work with, making it a popular choice for wall construction. Slate is a long lasting material giving a beautiful effect, helping to promote your home as friendly to the environment.

Cotswold Limestone Block

Limestone is commonly used in the production of natural building stone and masonry products. One option is to use a random rubble effect using sawed limestone blocks with a recessed mortar joint, normally laid as a 110mm facing or outer leaf with cavity. Broken blocks or a Bookleaf effect is acheived by laying the blocks horizontally to create a layered 'book leaf' appearance. This is for facing or cladding only - not to be used as a structural wall - but an excellent example of where Surecav provides the best backing surface whilst maintaining a clean and moisture free cavity.