SureCav USA

Advantages SureCav Brings to the Construction Industry

SureCav's aim is to set out clearly the many advantages of installing their Cavity Spacer System in dwellings throughout the USA. Now designed to suit the standard 16 inch building gauge, SureCav is equally beneficial to a concrete construction or a wood frame system.

SureCav ensures that when insulation is installed into the cavity to increase thermal efficiency, the insulation is held firmly against the inner leaf, allowing it to work to its full efficiency. As it is forms the cavity, SureCav also provides a "wall of plastic" to act as a barrier against any penetrating rain, especially in high moisture zones. The specially shaped 2 inch deep protrusions are expertly designed to deflect any moisture to the outer leaf, thus protecting the fabric of the building.

The outer leaf of natural stone, brick, flint or slate can then be built directly against the SureCav backing board to achieve a quick, simple, cost effective construction project.

USA Patent 8,584,420 granted November 19, 2013 to SureCav Limited

Wind Driven Rain in the US Eastern Seaboard

It is vital to protect your building against wind driven rain, which is one of the most common sources of moisture affecting buildings.

The EPA (United Sates Environmental Protection Agency) recently stated that 'Scientific Studies also indicate that extreme weather events such as storms, floods, and hurricanes are likely to become more intense'. See quote

Damage from the build up of moisture results in mould, mildew and condensation on windows and in the loft space. Additionally, where there is a moisture problem in the wall cavity, damage readily occurs to the insulation and wall ties, also affecting wall plates, the timber frame itself and installed joinery.

Preventing this from occurring is obviously a priority in the minds of all designers and builders interested in quality construction.

SureCav Provides the Answer

By building with the SureCav panels to form a cavity, you are providing a barrier to protect from wind driven rain. The "wall" of plastic, formed by the SureCav panels not only provides an excellent surface for the construction of the stone wall but shields the cavity and inner leaf from water ingress. The unique shape of the SureCav pods directs any moisture to the outside leaf, thus protecting the fabric of the building. SureCav ensures that there is no water penetration from wind driven rain with a 50mm cavity instead of wider cavities required in high exposure zones. The barrier formed by the panels, locked together by the joining strips, will protect the structure in even the most exposed weather conditions.

Often the most vulnerable parts of the wall are the internal and external corners. As the corner section of the SureCav installation are formed by folding the sheet along the bend line this adds to the all weather protection afforded by SureCav.

Why use Cavity Walls?

  • There is no possibility of the moisture travelling from the outer wall to the inner wall.
  • The layer of air in the cavity being non-conductor of heat, it reduces the transmission of heat from the external face to internal one.
  • Cavity walls have 25% greater insulating value than solid walls. This acts as damp barrier, reduces the cooling cost of the building.
  • These have good sound insulation property.
  • They are economical.
  • Insulated masonry cavity walls can offer excellent thermal performance when the cavity is utilised as an insulation zone.
  • Allows flexibility of design, allowing the designer to meet the requirements of clients with widely available materials.
  • Allows structurally massive systems that can maintain steady comfort levels.
  • Can be used either to support the whole building structure, or as an infill panel in steel or concrete framed construction.

Advantages of Using SureCav

  • SureCav guarantees a completely clean cavity
  • Injection moulded from 100% recycled polypropylene
  • SureCav is very light and takes up less than a quarter of the space of the concrete blocks it replaces
  • It is Environmentally much more friendly, weight for weight, than concrete backing blocks that produce large amounts of CO2 in manufacture See more
  • SureCav is easy to transport saving fuel (see below) and to move round a building site compared with concrete blocks
  • When fixed, SureCav holds the insulation against the wall, guaranteeing it works to its full efficiency
  • Using SureCav ensures no water penetration from wind driven rain with a
  • 2 inch cavity
  • Reduction in heat loss and noise levels
  • Reduction in energy costs meaning less energy required from the power stations that burn fossil fuels to produce electricity
  • Reduction in condensation and moisture build-up giving a warmer home