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In the early part of 2000, Charlie came up with the idea of SureCav, a process to simplify the building of natural stone walls. Building with natural stone required a backing wall of heavy concrete blocks or the removal of temporary shuttering, often damaging the newly constructed stonework, resulting in mortar contaminating the cavity.

SureCav was designed to form a lightweight alternative to backing blocks that would also act as a barrier to wind driven rain and effectively provide a consistent 50mm mortar and moisture free clear cavity.

Surecav went into production in 2004 having been awarded an approval certificate from the British Board of Agrément. Moving away from the initial vacuum forming process, in 2011 SureCav Limited invested in new injection moulds, producing a far superior panel that was now able to incorporate a bend line and remove the requirement for corner joining strips.

More recently, in 2015, SureCav25 was introduced. With SureCav25 being included in the BBA certificate, developers are now able to install more insulation in the standard 100mm design footprint, thus helping to drive down U-Values and still maintain a 25mm clear cavity.

Architects, builders and designers truly benefit from these developments, clearly showing their interest by already using SureCav throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and even further afield in the United States.