Over A Half Million Sheets Sold Since 2011

05 April 2017 Over A Half Million Sheets Sold Since 2011

Our drive to help the environment continues with the news that since our adoption of the injection-moulding process in 2011, we have now exceeded sales of half a million sheets of SureCav! Just see what we have accomplished. Over  675 tonnes of 100% recycled plastic has been used to manufacture SureCav25 and SureCav50, replacing the equivalent of 2.7 million concrete blocks. That's the equivalent of 50,000 tonnes of concrete that would take 2,500 lorries to deliver. The equivalent for SureCav would take just 77 loads!

The environmental benefits don't stop there. SureCav continues to ensure that cavities remain mortar and moisture-free, protecting the fabric of the building. Now, with SureCav25, there is room in the cavity for more insulation, thus helping to prevent heat loss and to drive down U-Values even further.