SureCav Product Description

The SureCav Cavity Wall Spacer system is a new technology for cavity wall construction,
designed to save money and installation time.

SureCav is a moulded, recycled, polypropylene panel with spacer protrusions that forms the cavity and allows a stone, slate, brick and flint outer skin to be built without the need of an additional block leaf - this cavity protection system ensures clean and moisture free cavities.

The SureCav panels are 1200mm long and 450mm wide - the same size as an insulation batt.
The panels are supplied with all the horizontal and vertical joiners that you will need.
Each sheet has a integral bend line built in, enabling corners to be easily formed.
Special seal washers are also available for purchase that allow the whole system to be fixed to the timber-frame ahead of the masons.
All SureCav products have BBA approval with LABC and NHBC acceptance .

Now you have a choice of depth, 25mm or 50mm!


SureCav25 is a new product and is already proving its worth in enabling more insulation to be installed in the cavity. For instance, with an original 100mm overall cavity and SureCav25, 75mm of insulation would be installed, driving down U-Values to at least 0.18 W/m2K. SureCav25 has all the properties of SureCav50 - but just 25mm deep!

However, the main advantage that SureCav25 brings to the construction industry is for a brick outer leaf to be built with just a 25mm protected clear cavity.

  • Provides for lower U-Values in an original 100mm cavity
  • Protects against wind-driven rain in any exposure zone
  • Ensures clean cavities that are permanatly free from mortar contamination
  • Maintains a moisture-free environment, protecting the envelope of building
  • In some situations, it is possible to gain up to 1.25% internal floor space where the overall cavity is reduced to 75mm. A 1.25% space gain is equal to gaining 1 extra house on an 80 house site
  • Holds the isulation to the inner leaf, enabling it to work to its full efficiency
  • Ensures a consistent 25mm air gap


SureCav25 with flint outer leaf.

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The 50mm deep panel has successfully been in production for some 12 years and was designed to remove the need for a backing support block when building with natural stone. The panel forms the cavity and sits against the insulation, holding it in place and enabling it to work to its full efficiency. The stone outer leaf is built directly against the SureCav panels.

  • Environmentally friendly: Made from 100% fully recycled plastic
  • Light weight easy to transport - 100 times lighter than 100mm concrete backing blocks
  • Incorporates a new bendline that makes it easy to construct corners
  • Will save you money, guarantee clean and moisture free cavities and create 5% extra internal floor space with narrower footings, when original external dimensions are used
  • SureCav is a Cavity Wall Spacer System, BBA Approved 04/4154
  • It significantly reduces labour and material costs
  • It gives a faster cleaner build
  • SureCav guarantees absolute integrity of the cavity by providing clean moisture free cavities that also stop water penetration from wind driven rain
  • It is durable and remains effective for the life of the building
CONSIDER! Take your design to a new leveL by using SureCav25 instead of Surecav50!
The ideal cavity backing system for building with stone with the added benefit of installing more insulation in the cavity.

 SureCav50 with stone 

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