SureCav25- The Future in Cavity Design

Make more space without costing the earth

Gain more space with SureCav25!

A reduction in wall thickness of 25mm will increase the internal dimensions of the property by 50mm in each direction and result in an average of 1.25% increased floor space. Already an additional 5% floor space will have been gained by removing the need for 100mm concrete backing blocks. This can rise to upwards of 6% additional floor-space in cases where random stone is used in very severe weather zones. Consider this, with an overall 7.5% gain, this is equivalent to the floor space of 6 extra houses on an 80 house site!

Why SureCav won't cost the earth

SureCav25 is a moulded, 100% recycled, polypropylene panel with spacer protrusions, forming a 25mm clear cavity and providing the perfect backing board for the stone, slate, brick and flint outer leaf. It halves the CO2 footprint, compared to using a concrete block backing wall and is fully BBA certificated. This cavity protection system ensures clean and moisture free cavities with either timber frame or traditional construction.

  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Half the CO2 footprint, weight for weight, when compared with concrete blocks
  • Half the cost of  building a block supporting wall

Panel size: 1200mm (L) x 450mm (H) x 25mm deep. Yes! Just 25mm deep. This allows gives the option for more room in the cavity for insulation, enhancing the thermal performance of the building envelope.

Consistent clear cavity

Now guarantee clean and moisture free cavities with SureCav25! The SureCav25 cavity backing system is used to form a consistent 25mm clear cavity width in new masonry or timber frame constructed cavity walls of domestic and non domestic buildings and is fully BBA certified. It is our experience that a clear section of the cavity should always be present in the construction of the walls. The 25mm air gap between the outer layer of masonry and the insulation, coupled with the moisture beating design of the SureCav25 panels, will prevent any water penetration. The SureCav25 panels will also hold the insulation in place, adding to its effectiveness in preventing heatloss. Fixing: Wall ties are used, as standard, vertically every 450mm mortar course. Helical ties are most useful where additional support is required between courses and can be fixed through the flat face of the sheet. For timber  frame, it is recommended that sealing washers are screwed into the back of the pods, with or without additional timber frame ties to hold the system in place prior to the construction of the outer masonry leaf.

Experience the Future of Cavity Wall Construction!

Now drive down U-Values! SureCav25 allows for more room in the cavity for insulation, thus enhancing the thermal performance of the wall. Where heat conservation is the prime concern, by maintaining the original internal and external dimensions of the property, SureCav25 will release an additional 25mm in the cavity that can be used for extra insulation. All the properties of SureCav50 you’ve come to rely on - but now just 25mm deep - with a guaranteed 25mm clean and moisture free clear cavity.
The example (top right) shows how a 100mm overall cavity width, comprising 75mm board insulation and a 25mm clear cavity using SureCav25, can achieve U-Values as low as 0.18 W/m²K. Alternatively, a 125mm overall cavity width, comprising 100mm board insulation and a 25mm clear cavity using SureCav25, can achieve U-Values as low as 0.15 W/m²K.
SureCav25 list of benefits

Protect from wind driven rain

The trend being experienced towards wetter weather in the UK means greater consideration has to be given to protecting the building envelope against water penetration - especially in severe exposure zones.

Reasons to build with SureCav25 in all exposure zones
● Full BBA approval to form a 25mm clear cavity
● Gives the option of more insulation
● Forms a barrier to protect from wind driven rain
● Excellent surface for the construction of any external wall masonry but shields the cavity and inner leaf from water ingress
● Suitable for stone and all masonry finishes in all exposure zone
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