Download Files

SureCav Limited has made available the following files for download.
(Please note that some of the downloads contain multiple files packed in a ZIP folder.)


Type Description PDF DWG
Wall ties SureCav25 with Low Thermal Conductivity Wall Ties PDF DWG
  Timber-frame tie suggestions. Always check suitability with your structural engineer. PDF  
  Fixing wall ties to dense concrete blocks, lightweight blocks and solid concrete structures. PDF  
  SureCav25 with Bluebird Ties   DWG
Brick Quoins Overcoming deeper thickness of stone abutting a brick quoin PDF  
Flint outer leaf SureCav25 with timber-frame and flint outer leaf  PDF  DWG
  Additional frame-ties when working with flint (SureCav25) PDF  
Fire Barrier SureCav25 with an intumescent fire-stop PDF  
  SureCav50 with horizontal SAF and cavity tray PDF  

Find additional technical information and drawings here.


Type Description PDF DWG
SureCav25 Profiles: Top, side views, typical installation    DWG
  SureCav25 - Typical details of concrete  block inner leaf and natural stone PDF DWG
  SureCav25 - Timber-Frame options PDF  
SureCav50 DWG drawing files   DWG
  Structural Engineering Calculations for various dwellings (SureCav50) PDF  
  Latest construction details and drawing files  PDF DWG
Steel Frame SureCav with Ancon (or similar) fixings PDF  
  SureCav25 model showing fixing instructions with Ancon or similar channel system PDF  
  SFS - Various cladding options using SureCav25 PDF  
Lintels Trimming SureCav around the flat wing-plate (toe) of a lintel PDF  
  Concrete lintel DPC/Tray slot detail (shown with Catnic CN71C) PDF  
Concrete Pillar Trimming SureCav50 around a concrete pillar PDF