Wind Driven Rain

29 December 2015 SureCav Moisture Protection

Protect your building against wind driven rain

Wind driven rain is one of the most common sources of moisture affecting buildings in the United Kingdom.

Damage from the build up of moisture results in mould, mildew and condensation on windows and in the loft space. Additionally, where there is a moisture problem in the wall cavity, damage readily occurs to the insulation and wall ties, also affecting wall plates, the timber frame itself and installed joinery.

Preventing this from occurring is obviously a priority in the minds of all designers and builders interested in quality construction.

SureCav Provides the Solution

By building with the SureCav panels instead of a using a block leaf you are providing a barrier to protect from wind driven rain. The “wall” of plastic, formed by the SureCav panels not only provides an excellent surface for the construction of the stone wall but shields the cavity and inner leaf from water ingress. The unique shape of the SureCav pods directs any moisture to the outside leaf, thus protecting the fabric of the building.

SureCav ensures that there is no water penetration from wind driven rain with a 25mm or 50mm cavity instead of the usual 75mm required in high exposure zones. The barrier formed by the panels, locked together by the joining strips, will protect the structure in even the most exposed weather conditions up to a height of 12 metres.

Often the most vulnerable parts of the wall are the internal and external corners. As the corner section of the SureCav installation are formed by folding the sheet along the bend line this adds to the all weather protection afforded by SureCav.
As you can see from the map on the right, the dark blue area indicates where buildings are most vulnerable to the weather.

Of course, you do not have to only build in high risk zones to experience the benefits of SureCav. The SureCav Cavity System is currently being used successfully throughout the entire country and is designed to maximise the protection of the cavity whilst providing the best backing board available to construct your outer masonry leaf.