SureCav - Construction applications!

22 March 2019 SureCav - Construction applications!

SureCav25 and SureCav50 are designed specifically for all external masonry finishes, including brick, stone, flint, slate and also retrofit applications.SureCav is accepted for use with a block inner leaf, timber-frame construction,as well as SIP, ICF and SFS internal structures.

It is our experience that a clear section of the cavity should always be present in the construction of the walls. The 25mm air gap between the outer layer of masonry and the insulation, coupled with the moisture beating design of the SureCav25 panels, will prevent any water penetration. The SureCav25 panels will also hold the insulation in place, adding to its effectiveness in preventing heat-loss.


SureCav25 is a 25mm deep version of the popular SureCav50 Cavity Spacer Backing Board. It is a moulded, 100% recycled, polypropylene panel with spacer protrusions, forming a 25mm clear cavity and providing the perfect backing board for the stone, slate, brick and flint outer leaf. It is fully BBA certificated (Cert. no: 04/4154). This cavity protection system ensures clean and moisture free cavities with either timber frame or traditional construction. It is the only approved product available that is accepted for constructing 25mm residual cavities!

Now drive down U-Values! SureCav25 allows for more room in the cavity for insulation, thus enhancing the thermal performance of the wall. Where heat conservation is the prime concern, by maintaining the original internal and external dimensions of the property, SureCav25 will release an additional 25mm in the cavity that can be used for extra insulation.
The example to the right, shows how a 100mm overall cavity width, comprising 75mm board insulation and a 25mm clear cavity using SureCav25, can achieve U-Values as low as 0.18 W/m²K. Alternatively, a 125mm overall cavity width, comprising 100mm board insulation and a 25mm clear cavity using SureCav25, can achieve U-Values as low as 0.15 W/m²K.