SureCav is 100% Recycled Plastic

26 April 2018 SureCav is 100% Recycled Plastic

The SureCav Spacer System is manufactured using 100% recycled plastic, using over 675 tonnes since 2011.
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Here are some of the advantages of recycling:

Protects the environment and animal habitats
Discarding harmful plastics in landfill sites has an adverse impact on both plants and animals. If the waste ends up in the water, it affects aquatic life and contaminates rivers and oceans.

Conserves natural resources
Recycling helps in conserving the natural resources used in the manufacture of the products we use. It is estimated that 40% of petroleum requirements could be saved by recycling plastics.

Global warming and pollution
Much of the wastes that end up in landfills and dump sites are disposed of through burning, releasing CO2 into the air which continues to affect global warming.