SureCav - New Technology in Cavity Wall Construction! 

Provides up to 5% extra floor area when using original external dimensions!

SureCav is a moulded, recycled, polypropylene panel with spacer protrusions that forms the cavity and allows a stone, slate, brick and flint outer skin to be built without the need of an additional block leaf. This cavity protection system ensures clean and moisture free cavities.

Products:  SureCav50 (50mm clear cavity)

**NEW**    SureCav25 (25mm clear cavity)  Read more>>

British Board of Agrément (BBA) Cert. no. 04/4154  >>click to view

The SureCav Cavity Protection System

  • Removes the need for a backing block or using wood shuttering as backing for the stone etc.
  • Cheaper to use than concrete backing blocks
  • Acts as a cavity spacer that guarantees a clear cavity of 25mm (with SureCav25) or 50mm (with SureCav50)
  • Guarantees that the cavity remains completely clean
  • Holds cavity wall insulation in place ensuring it works to its full efficiency
  • Can be used with a conventional block inner leaf, timber frame or SIPS
  • Ensures no water penetration from wind driven rain, enabling you to use 50mm cavities in any exposure zone  >>more details
  • SureCav can now be screwed to Timber Frame buildings  >>more details

Architects, builders & developers

CAD drawing details in DWG format available >>here


"I found the product to be perfect for creating a random limestone facade which abuts the traditional rubble filled construction seamlessly, yet overcomes the inherent problems of water ingress through the limestone fissures."
Jonathan Athay
JMA Design, North Yorkshire >>see more

"Charlie, all the semi-dry stone walling is on SureCav. Brilliant idea you had!"
David Lees
Director, Lees Munday Architects >>see more

"SureCav is a fantastic product and as we said in the CPD it has very much become a standard detail for stonework within the office."
Louisa Meek CSA architects B.A. (Hons)  >>see more

Architects and builders countrywide are adopting SureCav as a proven way to save time and money, as well as enhance the quality of their project. 

SureCav® is a Registered Trade Mark of SureCav Limited No.2586715